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February 5, 2015 / deepaklodhia

What is consciousness ?


Deep inside our consciousness is an oasis of peace. This is the molten core of the soul, but it is not hot, it is cool. Not passive, but a source of inner power to fuel our mind and intellect, so that we can create powerful thoughts and make accurate decisions. If you can learn to go to this centre, peace will be your companion, positivity your partner, and you will be able to chill out in one second, anywhere, anytime. Returning to the centre of your self is the journey of one second. It is the regular destination of clever souls. And it is the source of your power and peace.





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  1. Kev / Feb 5 2015 10:29 pm

    Very well said Deepak. One of the simplest yet best description of our inner self….consciousness, spirit within, God (IMHO)…and what you do with it. As always, thanks for making me think.

  2. Deepak Lodhia / Feb 5 2015 10:32 pm

    Thank you

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