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September 24, 2014 / deepaklodhia

Life’s drama ……


Every passing moment is like a passing act in a play. Each of us are the actors playing out parts very well.

An actor is never focused on another actors part, continually criticizing it. He just gets on with his own part, playing it as best he can.

This Drama of Life is eternal, predestined and accurate. Whatever anybody else says and does is their role, not mine. My task is to play my part right.

Right thoughts restore rightness to the whole play.

Practice detaching yourself from your role and experiencing the truth, behind the role and you will find yourself loving every instant of your role and the Drama, too.




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  1. Kev / Sep 24 2014 9:05 pm

    Hey Deepak, Hope all is well for you and yours. I continue to read your blog…always enjoying and learning. Hey I’m working on a podcast series on Change Management and wondering if you have any good stories on “change”…or do you have ideas as to where I might find? Keep the good words coming my friend. Kev _____

    Kevin R. McNulty | Speaker – Executive Coach – Mediator Founder, Humadyn-Life Skills Institute | | 615.216.0481 ext. 33 |

    Author of The Gap Between Two Worlds…Turning Difficult Life Transitions into Personal Growth Experiences Connect with me on:


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